Chaela. 12 y/o. grows up every december 11. I love BRIT AND AMERICAN COUPLES. Rob + Kristen, Emma + Andrew. <3 My best day? MAY 23, 2012.

Rob & Kristen at the “Breaking Dawn Part 2” Premiere in Berlin - November 16th 2012 (the last Twilight premiere ever)

“I’ve met your dad a couple of times. He’s a terrific stage manager. I really like him a lot. I’m wondering… What’s all this like for him, your sucess? He must be very proud.” (x)


If the Volturi had a battle with Voldemort and the Death Eaters who would win and why?


Were you guys surprised when she arrived with that dress, did you know she was gonna wear such a beautiful dress? (x)


The Queen and The King of Derp-Robert and Jennifer- on El Hormiguero

After 4 or 5 years of this film, this saga has been such a huge part of your lives…Has it been worth it and if so, why?

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